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Zhejiang Military Bases opening ceremony
Release time:2011-9-14  Hits:5713
      Dazhan report: September 9, 2011 afternoon, China • urban and rural ex-servicemen entrepreneurs military bases in Zhejiang Committee (hereinafter referred to as Zhejiang military base) in the Shangri-La Hotel, held a grand opening ceremony.
       Chinese urban and rural ex-servicemen Business Working Committee (hereinafter referred to as the Military created Commission) created under the military base in Zhejiang Province July 4, 2011 approved the establishment of the Commission by the director Xu Hui, Chen Huicong, Xu Zhengfei deputy director. Major military base in Zhejiang Wenzhou Dazhan created limited liability company based optoelectronics, high-tech projects to improve the new energy and housing development, the project company set up base under the Military Commission created under the body. Military bases in Zhejiang create the spirit of "Care for veterans, service ex-servicemen," the purpose of the work, according to President Hu Jintao's "proper arrangements, rational use of their talent, their proper place; carry forward with the times, pioneering spirit, and actively promote military switch placement reform and innovation, building socialism with Chinese characteristics, placement of demobilized veterans, to create a road with Chinese characteristics, ex-servicemen placement of new ways of re-turn for the Chinese military to make new contributions to innovation.
      People who participate in the opening ceremony of Zhejiang military base are those from Chinese urban and rural ex-servicemen entrepreneurs • Working Committee Director General Tan Xin Shan, Jiang Ditai Major General Major General Zhao satellite, Zhang Jianming, General Secretary of the leadership committee of China's military record and military record under the regional offices in the provinces military bases-ups, friends, colleagues, gathered in Wenzhou. Zhao xingwei, Zhang Jianming, Wei Zhigang and other military leaders made ​​a statement on the ceremony.
     At 16:00 pm, Chinese urban and rural ex-servicemen entrepreneurs Committee, General Director of Tan Xin Shan, personally inaugurated Zhejiang military base. Xu Hui, who took over from director general Tan, "the bronze."China's urban and rural ex-servicemen entrepreneurs • Working Committee of Zhejiang military base. Central and provincial leaders at all levels, government leaders, CCTV and the news media together in Wenzhou, witnessed the establishment of military bases in creating this spectacular event.
     The director Xu Hui pointed out: After the fundation of Zhejiang military bases, the next focus is to be active exchange of information transfer, to strengthen the horizontal economic ties, to expand cooperation between enterprises, and to start-up companies to become bigger and stronger enterprise,to continuously strengthen the growing of the base; and take a variety of channels to carry out ex-servicemen training, priority placement recruitment in training ex-servicemen and their families, children, business employment; continue to strengthen its own military base construction, promote the team spirit of ex-servicemen , and strive to cultivate and foster a ability to endure hardship, talk about dedication, courage to innovate and work force; play policy advantages, enhance economic cooperation organizations, economic and social benefits, and strive to do good for the ex-servicemen, many good things, and strive to be resolved within two years,.approximately 5,000 complex in Zhejiang province ex-servicemen's resettlement.
     After the opening ceremony, the president of Chinese Confucianism calligraphy- Zhang Feng, China Artists Association offer up a picture for the military base "Herd map" to the table congratulations 
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